From the Assistant Principal - Term 1, Week 2, 2019

Swimming Carnivals
Next week, each section of the School will have their Swimming Carnival at Waves Swimming Centre, Baulkham Hills. I encourage any parents who are able to attend to come along and enjoy the activities. Please ensure the sport permission note has been returned to the School prior to the carnival.

  • Wednesday 13 February – Senior School
  • Thursday 14 February – Middle School
  • Friday 15 February – Junior School, Years 2-4

Traffic Safety
Thank you to everyone who has used the overflow parking area. Please note that exiting from this area is through the double storey car park. Please follow the signs.

Hornsby Council is continuing their road safety campaign in School Zones. Council Rangers will be regularly patrolling the area. I encourage all parents to observe traffic regulations when driving and parking outside the school and to consider our neighbours by not parking in driveways. Click here for School Zone parking information.

When using Kiss and Drop, please follow the instructions of staff on duty who are there to assist you.

A few important points to note:

  • Join the end of the Kiss & Drop queue and remain in the queue until you reach the Administration Building to collect your child.
  • The only drop off and collection point is in front of the Administration building.
  • Drivers should remain in their car. School bags should be in the car with students rather than in the car boot.
  • No double parking.
  • Speed limit is 10kph.
  • No talking on hand held mobile phones.
  • Middle and Senior School classes do not finish until 3.03pm, and students will take a few minutes to get out of class, collect their bag and walk to the Kiss & Drop area. Please do not join the Kiss & Drop queue before 3.05pm and consider delaying your journey until 3.15pm or later.

Younger students should not be walking by themselves through the carpark during this busy period. If you choose to park in the parking bays, you will need to meet your child on the building side of the carpark and walk with your child to your car.

I would like to encourage any parent who drives their older child to/from school to consider using the school buses available and then you can collect them from the bus stop. It would save you a lot of time and dramatically reduce the traffic. Click here for information about the School Opal Card and the free school transport that is available.

Mr Andrew Waters
Assistant Principal