From the Assistant Principal - Term 4, Week 8, 2018

Final Week
Next week is the final week of school for this year and all students are expected to attend as usual. Any absence must be notified to the school in writing.

Certificate Assemblies
Certificate Assemblies will be next week as listed below.

  • Junior School – Tuesday 11 December, 9.15am
  • Middle School – Wednesday 12 December, 11am
  • Senior School – Monday 10 December, 11am

Presentation Night, Thursday 13 December, 6.15pm for commencement at 6.30pm
Please plan to attend this important event as we celebrate outstanding achievements from students throughout the School. Students are required to wear full school uniform including ties for Middle and Senior School boys and the School Blazer for Senior students. The evening is expected to conclude at approximately 9pm. Students receiving awards should meet Mrs Kirkegard at 6pm at the entrance to the MPC.

Thank you Parents
Thank you to all our Parents for your involvement in the School this year. We appreciate your assistance in all areas of the School and also your encouragement and support.

The 2019 School Year will commence on Wednesday 30 January, while Kindergarten and Prep students will commence on Thursday 31 January.

This will be the final edition of Parents Page for 2018 as the school year finishes next Thursday.

I wish each family a blessed and happy Christmas and trust you will enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday together. Please take care when travelling.

Mr Andrew Waters
Assistant Principal