Text Books for 2018

library notice web 012018 Text Book lists are now available online at www.campion.com.au. Parents will need the special code AKTM to access the list.

Printed letters and book lists will be distributed to students in the week commencing 30 October. Please do not try to order using the paper list…it is just a reminder. All orders must be made online.

Orders placed by Tuesday 5 December will be delivered to school and collected by students in their first week back in 2018 (or on Tuesday 6 February for Senior School students). Orders placed after that date will be delivered to a home address you nominate.

Orders can be placed at any time but all students are expected to have ALL their text books ready for class in the first week of school next year.

Parents are at liberty to use another supplier: the official booklist is the one online with our recommended supplier Campion.

You are welcome to contact OLRC staff on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time (including during the holiday break) to ask questions or get assistance. As we cannot help with details of class allocation it is important to find out details such as Augustine class allocation and Maths class allocation prior to the end of the year.

Parents wanting to pass on text books to younger siblings in later years will most likely be better off purchasing a combo pack (print book plus digital subscription). If this has not been specified but you want to see if one is available please contact Campion directly on 8905 8691 or use the Support section of the Campion website.

The most common error is for parents to order a book that is marked as “retain from previous year”. Most parents do NOT need to order these texts! As an example the text book purchased in Year Seven for History is listed in Year Eight just in case new students join the school in Year Eight. Most students do not need to purchase it again as it is a two year text.

When starting an account for a digital text with a publisher (such as Pearson or Jacaranda) it is advised not to use the student’s school email address as we lock these emails from outside access. It is better to use a parent email or student’s personal email in case a password needs to be recovered.

Mr Andrew Lack
Head of the Odell Learning Resources Centre