School Zone Road Safety

notice safe driversWe are almost at the end of the year, where everyone is busy with the run up to Christmas and the summer holiday break. This is just a reminder to follow safe and legal parking practises and our Kiss and Drop regulations within the school zone in order to keep our students and others in our community safe as well as ways to help alleviate the congestion at drop off and pick up times.
Be a positive role model whether you are a pedestrian, passenger or driver. Children learn from what they see as well as what we say. Never sacrifice safety for convenience and never call a child across the road.
To assist in reducing traffic congestion and improve safety outside the school gate, consider parking a little further down Quarry Road in less congested areas and walk with your children the rest of the way to school. This would provide exercise and an opportunity to teach the children about road safety and independence.
Hornsby Council’s traffic rangers patrol schools regularly. Please follow all parking regulations to avoid any tickets.