Timetable Changes

bus into bus bayThe following timetable changes to morning bus services will commence on Monday 31 July.

Busways No 5107 - to ensure that all buses depart the Old Pitt Town Rd and Boundary Rd Transfer Zone on time. School Bus 5107 will depart up to 9 minutes earlier as detailed:

  • Old Stock Route Rd and Saunders Rd at 7.10am
  • Hall & Hawkesbury at 7.19am
  • Boundary Rd & Red Gables at 7.40am
  • Old Pitt Town Rd & Boundary Rd at 7.45am
  • Pacific Hills School at 8.09am

For further information contact Busways or visit from their website - www.busways.com.au

Hillsbus No 3110 from Canoelands will commence 3 minutes earlier, at 7.22am, but it will maintain the connection with Busways. There will be minor timing changes along the way.

For further information contact Hillsbus or visit from their website - www.cdcbus.com.au