History Week 2017

anubis 01Junior School History Day, and setting up the L-R-C
With students carrying in an oversized model, fit for all to see
Building a life-size suit of armour, or statue of Anubis one or two
Billboards and History quotes around the place, reminding us when days are through

Sort after History Week Badges, “It’s All History” they said
Daily emails about ‘events today’, clearly typed up from the comfort of bed
Staff devotions with a History flavour, and a sight for some sore eyes
While Vietnam Veterans were speaking out, about true events and some lies

Preliminary Modern History, watching a tired and grumpy Winston Churchill
While the rest of the School started this week, with a noticeable winter chill
Ancient Egyptian Models, built of every shape and possible size
Medieval Models seen through stained glass, a treat for ones strained eyes

1920s Day with its black, or white glamour and much flapper
Contrasting with the suits of boys, doing their best to look rather dapper
Preliminary Ancient History, off to Macquarie University for a day
While the temptation to dress up like a Spartan, was too hard for ‘no’ to say

Year 5 dressing like Colonials, under the careful watch of Mok
But be wary of offending that certain red-coat, lest you wind up in the dock
Movie Afternoons and equally, proper civilised afternoon teas
Was enough for a bunch of different students, to stay after school as they pleased

Year 8 Medieval Day was led, by a true Medieval Mad-man
Though he may have met his match that day, when confronted by William Wallace and his clan
Year 7 Ancient Egypt Day, where Pharaoh rules standing tall
Though no one wins when full groan men, wear dresses baring almost all

Senior Modern History visited Sydney, to see the Jewish Holocaust Museum
Where the age old survivors tell their tales, and the scars on them we see them
Special gifts of the ‘book of John’ given, for each troubled soul and trembling heart
And one almighty historic race to come, in the form of a cardboard box cart
History Week 2017 . . . just another busy week in the life of a very busy Pacific Hills.

And behind all the busyness is an equally busy group of teachers making History come to life.
But behind all them is one person, one leader, one overseer, dictator, tyrant, autocrat, despot, ruler, conqueror, monarch, Queen, Tsar, Imperator, trailblazer, sovereign, manager, administrator, organiser, chief and boss… and all time matriarch of the History fraternity, Mrs FLETCHER.

On behalf of the entire Pacific Hills community, thank you for your unending and tireless efforts in making us all more historically aware, and appreciative of our lives and the community that we live in each and every day. And especially our thanks for organising History Week 2017.

To see a showcase of all the events that took place as part of History Week, why not head on over to the Galleries page of the website.