History Week, 26-30 June

History Image3
We are very excited to be celebrating History Week! Parents and friends are invited to visit the Year 7 Ancient Egypt and Year 8 Medieval displays in the OLRC from Monday June 26 to Wednesday June 28.

Other events throughout the week:



Year Group

Monday 26 June

Vietnam veterans share their experiences in the war

Year 10

Year 11 Modern History

Cinema: Churchill

Year 11 Modern History

Tuesday 27 June

Australian Colonial Life Day

Year 5

1920s Day

Year 9

Macquarie University

11 Ancient History

Movie afternoon – Hidden Figures

Year 10

Wednesday 28 June

Canberra Excursion

Year 6

Medieval Day

Year 8

Movie afternoon – Schindler’s List

Year 11 and 12 Modern History

Thursday 29 June

Ancient Egypt Day

Year 7

Jewish Museum visit

Year 12 Modern History

Olden Days Games


Friday 30 June

History Assembly

Senior School

Middle School Box Car Rally

Year 5-8