School Attendance

2016 02 02 junior school photos web 20When a student is absent from school, Government regulations require parents to provide written explanation of the absence to the school within seven days. Verbal advice to the school must be followed by a written note. Please be aware that where no written explanation has been received within seven days the absence will appear as unexplained on the student’s school reports.

Parents may provide explanation by one of the following:

  • Through Edumate – provide reason for absence on your child’s attendance record.
  • Email to the relevant school office.
  • Reply to the School's email regarding the absence.
  • Written note to the teacher/school office.

Students are expected to attend school each day except when ill. Should a student need to be absent from school for personal or family reason or special circumstances, parents should submit a written request to the Head of School prior to the event.

Absences of more than 5 days in a school year must be approved by the Principal and requested by parents using the School’s Leave of Absence Application. Forms can be collected from the school office and must be submitted to the Head of School one month in advance.

Applications for absence of more than 100 days in a school year must be approved by the NSW Minister of Education.