The Election

2018 06 14 the election web 02One could have cut the air with a knife on the second last Thursday of Term Two. The air was electric with excitement as the candidates readied themselves for the final few minutes of campaigning. The vote which would determine their future was only minutes away. What would happen?

The four candidates: Kelly VILLE (Emma Conway), Belle LA VISTA (Bridgette Moore), Glen HAVEN (Asher O’Connor) and Norman HURST (Enosh Nuriella) had the previous week launched their campaigns with impassioned speeches and video advertisements encouraging voters to select them as the Member of Yersox. ‘How to vote cards’ had been printed and distributed. The candidates had spent the remaining time ‘encouraging’ the voters to select them, and finally after the final ‘Town Hall’ speeches the campaigning came to a close. Now the fate of the candidates was in the hands of the voters. What would happen?

The voters streamed in through the glass doors of the Polling Place and were directed to polling officials who asked the electors the three vital questions;

  • What is your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • Have you voted previously in this election?

After receiving their ballot paper the voters proceeded to vote in secret and folded their ballot paper before placing it in the Ballot Box. Soon the Returning Officer announced that the Polling Booth would close and that people should ensure that they had voted.

In the live Tally Room, the votes were counted. Norman Hurst secured the most first preference votes but needed preferences to get to the magical 50% + 1 vote to win. One by one the other candidates were eliminated – first Belle LA VISTA then Glen HAVEN and finally only Kelly VILLE and Norman HURST remained. In the end Norman HURST was elected with 54% of the vote – a solid win. However, it really didn’t matter because the winners were the students who had learned about democracy and the electoral system by doing democracy and the electoral system.

It was so much fun to do history and to experience the tension and excitement of a real election. We trust that our students, when they get the opportunity will understand the process and vote with conviction and understanding.

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