Pacific Hills Student Becomes Youth Ambassador For DV

2018 06 20 lisa harnum foundationPacific Hills Christian School student Reshmi Niriella believes that education is the best way to combat domestic violence and that is why she has decided to use her voice to help raise awareness in young people through working with the Lisa Harnum Foundation (LHF).

The Foundation was launched in 2015 after domestic violence victim Lisa Harnum was pushed off her balcony by her fiancé. This happened when she told him she was going to leave.

2018 06 20 reshmi 01Reshmi, who is in Year 10, started volunteering with LHF after going along to one of their events with her mother who also works with them.

“I felt really inspired by the message they were spreading and just had to be a part of it.”

Reshmi’s efforts in spreading the message of the need to stop domestic violence have not gone un-noticed and she was recently offered the prestigious opportunity to become the Foundation’s Volunteer Youth Ambassador.

“The scary thing with domestic violence is that you never really know if it’s happening to people you know. Sufferers of DV can be so indoctrinated in the experience that they don’t see that they are victims of it. I believe the more educated young people become of domestic violence, and the various forms it can come in such as physical, social and sexual, the better the chance they’ll have of identifying it and stopping it”.

During her two-year term, Reshmi will speak publicly about domestic violence at various LHF events and functions. She will also act as a role model in setting an example to create a society free of domestic violence.

Statistics from the White Ribbon Foundation show 1 in 3 women experience physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them.
On the 15th June, Last Friday evening, Reshmi was officially inducted into the role at a formal event held by LHF at Castle Hill RSL. She received a certificate from Aileen Mountifield, Founder & Executive Director of LHF.

Well done on this amazing achievement Reshmi!

If this is a sensitive issue and you require counselling, please call the Domestic Violence line (24 hours) on 1800 65 64 63