It’s the best three hours that I spend each week!

2018 06 04 nat bennettNat Bennett is a parent of the school and volunteer at Pacifica Missions Café. She looked for a place to volunteer where her skills could help serve the Pacific Hills community. Today, she is a well-loved member of the café.

Nat isn’t hard to spot, with a bubbly personality, short punk-rocker pink hair and bright pink lipstick and a warm smile on her face. She’s one of the amazing people who make up our school community and who we wanted to highlight.

Nat explains, “When we first came to the school, I knew no one. I’m a shy person with people I don’t know”.

Nat was keen to get to know people and enjoyed the atmosphere of the café, so much that she said to her husband, “I’m going to go and volunteer there”.

Two years on and Nat is well and truly in her element. She’s always meeting such a broad spectrum of people and has developed her self-confidence along the way.

“You tend to know your kid’s homeroom teachers as a parent and the new mum’s but it’s when you get to meet other people you wouldn’t ordinarily come in contact with that’s been the real highlight. You tend to mix with people that are similar to you so I’ve been gifted with meeting different personality types. Volunteering also enhances my experience as a parent because if there’s ever anything I want to know more about, it’s really easy just to ask in a casual environment.

“I love working in the café, I love working with the ladies, the time goes quickly, it’s the best three hours that I spend each week.

I like to be involved with my kids and out of all the volunteering opportunities, this is where I’m meant to be”.

You can spot Nat on a Friday morning, anytime from 7:30-11:30am

If you’re like Nat and have been wanting to volunteer but are not sure where, please email Vickie Clegg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.