History Week 2017

2017 06 28 medieval day web 31History Week was celebrated in spectacular style during the final week of Term 2. The Year 7 Ancient Egyptian and Year 8 Medieval models were displayed in the OLRC throughout the week. These were viewed and admired by many and all would agree that the students’ work was outstanding. The students created realistic models and the results made Ancient and Medieval times come to life.


  • The week commenced with a visit by five local Vietnam veterans who gave shared their experiences during the war to Year 10 students. We were most privileged to hear their stories and thank these gentlemen, and the Castle Hill and District RSL sub-Branch.
  • Year 11 Modern History watched the film Churchill in the afternoon which traced the deep anxiety Churchill felt, as a result of the failed 1915 Gallipoli campaign, in the days leading to the D-Day.

2017 06 26 vietnam veterans visit web 24


  • Year 5 had a fantastic Colonial day where students and teachers alike dressed in the Colonial era and engaged in a variety of activities and games. This day will certainly be on the calendar for the future.
  • Year 9’s were dressed to the nines as 1920’s flappers and gangsters. Students had created short films focusing on various 1920s themes and the students watched their films while enjoying a 1920s lunch and listening to the Jazz Band. Pavlovas, games and Academy Awards topped off the day.
  • Year 11 Ancient History had the opportunity to visit Macquarie University's Museum of Ancient Cultures. It was a fantastic and informative time where students had a museum tour, listened to a lecture on Deir el-Medina and handled historical artefacts.
  • After school Year 10 students enjoyed a high tea and watched the excellent film Hidden Figures.

2017 06 27 yr5 colonial day web 02


  • Year 6 headed to Canberra for a frosty few days to visit among many places, Old and New Parliament Houses, to see how our country is governed and to engage in role play on the decision making processes of our Federal government. Students also visited the Australian War Memorial to gain a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made to help Australia develop into the nation it is today.
  • Dressed in Medieval garb, Year 8 was entertained by Mr James Adams, a Medieval specialist who brought with him various weapons and torture implements from his comprehensive Medieval collection. Students were able to try on Medieval armour and experienced a little of what it was like to be living in those times - not always all that pleasant!

2017 06 28 medieval day web 35


  • Kindergarten played a variety of Olden Day Games, which reflected life a century ago. Students played hard, and dressed up and had their photos taken in olden day outfits. It was fun time for all.
  • Year 7’s Ancient Egyptian Day was packed with games, activities and quizzes. Students had to race against the clock to build pyramids, to match hieroglyphics and to make mummies out of toilet paper. They took turns casting skulls across the Nile to the land of the dead and played a running and dodging game, aptly called ‘King Tut Says’.
  • Year 12 Modern History and History Extension had the privilege of visiting the Jewish Museum and listening to the stories of two holocaust survivors: Jack and John. Despite having suffered enormously in their early years, both men were most gracious and positive, and encouraged the students to be forgiving of others.

2017 06 29 ancient egypt day web 02


  • A Senior School History Assembly focused on the importance of truth in a world of increasing relativism, scepticism and uncertainty. The talk began with an explanation of the rising tide of holocaust denial and outlined the outcome of the 2000 Deborah Lipstadt trial which was a victory not only for the Jews, but a victory for truth. The talk then focused on the scholarly criteria to determining the accuracy of Ancient texts. The conclusion: with over 20,000 manuscripts from as early as AD 135, New Testament manuscripts are unparalleled in the Ancient world and the New Testament is the most reliable document of antiquity.
  • Senior School students were presented with a replica John’s gospel which had been given to soldiers during WWI. These replicas were produced by SGM Lifewords. The pocket copy of John’s Gospel was designed to fit into soldier’s pockets and had rounded edges to prevent damage. In the front of the gospel was a message from Lord Roberts, a hero from the Boer War. It reads: ‘I ask you to put your trust in God. He will watch over you and strengthen you. You will find in this little book guidance when you are in health, comfort when you are in sickness and strength when you are in adversity.’
    In the back were hymns and a Decision Form which read: Being convinced that I am a sinner and believing that Christ died for me, I now receive Him as my personal Saviour. Thousands signed the Decision Forms. When a soldier died his possessions were returned to his family. Many families discovered a signed form among those possessions, acknowledging Christ as Saviour.
  • History Week concluded with the Mighty Middle School History Box Car Rally. Facing numerous obstacles students raced for the honour of Middle School Box Car Champions. It was a fabulous event.

2017 06 30 box car rally web 19

Most impressive during this week has been behaviour of Pacific Hills students:

  • Mr James Adams, our Medieval Day presenter, described the Year 8s as the ‘perfect’ audience.
  • Mr Phillip Evenden, one of the Vietnam veterans, described the Year 10s as a ‘perfect audience’ who ‘impressed with their depth of questions’
  • A member of the public commented on the outstanding behaviour of the Year 11 students at the conclusion of Churchill.
  • One of the holocaust survivors wrote to the school impressed with the decorum of our students.

A huge thankyou to the magnificent teachers Kindergarten to Year 12 who have worked so hard to make this week a success.

Mrs Fletcher
History Faculty Head