Maths is Fun!

7t maths is fun web 01Last Friday, 23 June 2017, during Period 6 our Mathematics lesson, our Home Room class, 7T, was taken to the PAC by Mr Lee. We were shown various envelopes filled with colourful shapes. On the sides of each shape, there was either an equation or an answer. The challenge was to solve the given equations, find the corresponding solutions and join up these shapes.

We were split up into groups of 5 students each to solve the puzzles. Before we started the activity, we were told that the previous record that a team had achieved was 5, and we were determined to beat it. Once the time had started, each group was given an envelope. In the envelope were the puzzles with the equations that we had to match up. It then revealed a symbol such as; not equal to, plus and multiply. After we had finished 1 envelope, we were given another. Everyone was fixed on the idea of getting more than five envelopes finished. The end result was 1 team getting the score of 7!

That lesson was really great and it was fun to learn Algebra quickly and effectively in an interesting and engaging way.

Lauren Maccoll & Charlotte Paix
Year 7 students

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