Bees Bees Bees!

8z PHotos for Blog 06This term, as part of an effort to teach about sustainability and provide memorable learning experiences, the science faculty has purchased a stingless native bee hive. Native Australian stingless bees are tiny, a bit bigger than ants, producing roughly 1 litre of honey a year, as opposed to their European cousins the bumble bee, who can produce up to 120 litres in the same time frame. The Australian bee is an amazing worker and lives in hives of up to 10,000 bees.

The Pacific Hills hive is situated near the dam in the fenced off area. It will be visited from time to time by science classes to assess the health and wellbeing of the colony, and hopefully in time, we will be able to open up the hive and take a look on the inside at the amazing structures that the bees work so tirelessly to create.

Our hope is that by learning more about the nature around us that our students will see more of Gods perfect design and wonder in the world He has created.

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