The Mission Program at Pacific Hills allows students the opportunity to join a team of staff and students and use their gifts to serve others and share the news of life in Jesus Christ.

It is our vision to see the lives of the students in our schools positively impacted through their involvement in mission and we seek to be a blessing and encouragement to those to whom we minister.
Dr EJ Boyce, Principal

“Today, for me personally, and for many of the other team members, was the most impacting and emotionally difficult day yet. We visited Kibera slum, which is the second biggest slum in Africa, and by far the largest in Kenya”  ( Student blog extract ) 

Places students go:

Local Community provides an opportunity for our students to give of their time and grow in their compassion and understanding by serving others. Our partnerships with Fusion, Parramatta Mission and local retirement villages, plus our Community Service Day, Volunteers Program, Compassion Club and FRESH, are only some of the vehicles through which students, families and friends are supporting people in need across different sections of our society.

Australian based Mission Trips to Outback Australia; provide another great way for students, teachers and even parents to experience wonderful life changes. Team members are challenged and stretched, yet experience great satisfaction and learning as they serve people within their own country, closing the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous, country and city folk.

Overseas Mission Trips continue to be a wonderfully transforming aspect of the cultural life of the entire school community, from staff and past students to parents and grandparents. In the last few years teams from Middle School and Senior School experienced mission adventures in Vanuatu, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Moldova, Philippines, Romania, India, Bulgaria and Sri Lanka as they help in villages, orphanages, churches, schools, camps and even teach basketball. Mission is a unique experience that allows each member of the team to express God's grace to people of many different nations.

Mission is the outworking of the heart. Contact us today.

2017 Mission Trips:

India 02-18 January Mrs C Sakoulas
Cambodia (Samaritan's Purse) 15-25 January Mr A Lack
Bali (Dance) 08-16 April Miss A Crimmins
Outback 13-26 April Mr C Petschack
Chile 10-23 April Mr P McConnell
Moldova (Building Team) 06-17 June Mr J Fulton
Moree 08-14 July Mrs J Pauling
Moldova 23 Sept - 09 Oct Mr D Yako
Myanmar 23 Sept - 04 Oct Mr C Lees
Tanzania 22 Sept - 10 Oct Mr R Lawler
Year12 Vanuatu 12-24 November Mr J Cox/Miss J Mann

2018 - India, Cambodia, Bali, Outback, Moldova, Kenya, Myanmar, South America, Yr 12 Vanuatu

For further information please see the team leader or contact Annette Cadwallader
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: 02 9651 0700